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Browse our jewelry collections and find the perfect piece to complement your unique style and personality, crafted with exquisite attention to detail.

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Fulfilling your Special Moments

Celebrate in style with Stellar & Stone. Our stunning jewelry is designed to elevate your special occasions, offering the perfect pieces for every celebration. Discover brilliance that matches your joy and makes your moments truly unforgettable. Capture the essence of your emotions and transforming them into tangible beauty with Stellar & Stone.

Our Mission

Inspire customer loyalty through our unwavering commitment to trusted craftsmanship, we blend tradition and innovation to offer a premium quality natural diamond experience set in 14K and 18K gold that captivates with timeless allure.

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Introducing the visionary behind Stellar and Stone, Mr .Hanan Edelstein. With a rich background in the diamond industry, our founder discovered a profound passion for crafting exquisite, timeless everyday jewelry at affordable prices. Drawing upon four decades of diamond expertise, he embarked on this remarkable journey to establish our thriving business.

Global Selling

Embark on a global jewelry journey with us as we predominantly distribute our exquisite collection through online auction platforms, reaching customers worldwide.

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